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Communicate Easy is a picture communication system to aid interaction with special needs individuals.  The application provides the ability to add libraries, folders, picture and video cards.  With the ability to add card states to the cards, caregivers and parent can use visual prompts, choices and schedules to interact with and educate individuals.  

The following list is a reference of the features that are found in Communicate Easy:


User Interface

  • Easy to use interface for special needs and young children
  • Navigate using folders, cards and back arrow
  • Clear, uncluttered screens and clear card names
  • Open cards to see a larger picture and to hear the associated sound
  • Use the inbuilt voice synthesizer if preferred or when a voice message han't been recorded


  • Simple interface for editing
  • Add your own pictures, crop them and rotate them
  • Add your own videos to make the cards even more meaningful
  • Add sound that will play when the folder or card is tapped
  • Add a sound effect as further reinforcement

Schedules and Card States

  • Manage schedules so that everyday activities can be taught in steps
  • Tick items as they are completed
  • Hide items that don't apply this time around
  • Make items visible but unavailable
  • 3 Schedules + colors, letters and numbers preloaded 


  • Configure application settings
  • Create separate libraries
  • Backup and restore your application data
  • Comprehensive inbuilt help manual

Note: The pictures shown above are from Version 1.0 (current version is 2.0)

Future Features

Communicate Easy is still a work in progress. It will continue to grow and gain new features as time goes by and customers request for new functionality.  The creator of Communicate Easy uses the application with his son everyday and can see new avenues of improvement.


Tutorial videos showing bits of functionality will be added to this page.  At the moment there is only one for the Card State Manager:

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