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Frequently Asked Questions > Issues > I've gone into "live" Mode, how do I get out?

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To get out of "live" mode you will need to shutdown the app and restart it.  Please use these steps:

- Tap the home button once to get out of the app.

- Tap the home button twice and all the apps you have open will appear in a bar across the bottom of the iPad.

- Locate Communicate Easy and keep your finger on the app icon.  After a few seconds it will acquire a red dash symbol and start wiggling.

- Tap the red dash arrow and the app will shutdown and disappear from the bar.

- Re-enter the app using the icon and now you should be back in edit or preview mode.

If you are still in "live" mode it means that somebody has set the "Start Application in" setting within the Settings app to start in "live" mode.  To change this, just go into Settings and set this to start in edit or preview mode and restart the app as above.

Last updated on March 4, 2013 by Wayne