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$2.99 US

Version 4.2.0

Out now!


12 Dec 2015 - 1 on 1: Communicate Easy released (free version)

05 Dec 2015 - Version 4.2.0 released

10 Jul 2014 - Version 4.1.0 released

24 Apr 2014 - Version 4.0.0 released

25 Jan 2014 - Version 3.0.1 released

15 Jan 2014 - Version 3.0.0 released - updated for IOS7.  Can now add books!

06 Apr 2013 - Version 2.0.0 released - can now add videos!

11 Feb 2013 - Communicate Easy gets full page feature in ComputerWorld magazine - Autistic App Development a Labour of Love

2 Jan 2013 - Communicate Easy features on 3 News TV article - Tablets may improve autistic communication


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Autism App for iPad - Communicate Easy


Communicate Easy is a highly affordable app for the iPad® that can be used to help communicate with people with language or learning difficulties.  The app is geared towards special needs children such as those with Autism, Aspergers, ADD, or ADHD, but is also beneficial to younger children who are not yet verbal.


"The Communicate Easy app is an excellent programme for those with autism and significant language problems and I urge parents and teachers to seriously consider downloading the app for the children they love and support."

- Professor Tony Attwood


Screenshots are from version 4.0 and 4.2

The app allows a parent/caregiver to create a library of the objects and activities that relate directly to the individual.  It provides a fully customizable picture communication system without the need to print out cards and it allows you to create these picture cards in the structure of your choosing.

Communicate Easy - Quick Video Tour

Note: this video was made on version 1.0 (Current version is 4.2)

Lower Quality Video


Some of the Features

Flexible Picture Communication System

A user can create folders to contain any number of cards or other folders.  

For example, you could have a folder named Animals, under that you could have folders for Wild Animals, Birds, Insects and Zoo Animals.  You could then have folders under these, eg. Sea Birds, Birds of Prey under Birds.  The structure can be whatever suits the purpose and individual.

Apply pictures, videos, sounds and states to the Visual Prompts

The user can:

  • add their own pictures from the image gallery or inbuilt camera, crop them and rotate them, if required.
  • add videos from the camera roll, the application folder or from the inbuilt camera. 
  • add a sound to play when the card is tapped or use the built-in voice synthesizer.
  • add a sound effect to reinforce the meaning of the card (picture cards only).
  • apply a state to the card to indicate whether it is available or not.
  • quickly restrict choices by managing all the card states for a single folder in one screen
  • Change the background colours.
  • reorder the cards as required

Ability to Setup Picture / Video Schedules / Books

A user can:

  • Create a folder with items that can be ticked off as completed and teach the individual the importance of schedules and routines through visual prompts.  
  • Three example schedules are also provided with the app.  
  • Add books to a folder to further help teach processes and to help to deal with challenging situations (such as going to the hairdresser!).
  • Use search to find cards within the app
  • From search items can be included within a clipboard where they can be reordered.
  • Items in the clipboard can be made into choice boards, schedules and First Then boards.

Create Multiple Libraries

If the app is being used by multiple individuals just create a new library name and restart the app to have a library that is tailored for each individual.